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Not your typical skin consultation, but as a Health & Lifestyle Coach, Nigora connects your symptoms and concerns to the potential root causes derived from lifestyle as well as emotional habits.
Prior to the consultation you will fill out a short questionnaire, and it is also recommended to prepare your questions so you don’t miss to ask anything!
Face Culture Studio

Who is it for?

This consultation can be for absolutely anyone who would like to adopt a more natural (affordable!) skin care routine as well as for anyone who is suffering from acne, cystic acne, rosacea, eczema, blackheads, blemishes, dull skin and so on. If you suffer from weak brittle nails or hair loss, this casual but very profound chat with Nigora can help you to take matters into control.
Don’t hesitate to book in, prepare your pen and paper for notes and get ready to take some serious action in alignment with your body, with nature and your wallet!
The purpose of the consultation is to educate people how to live a natural lifestyle with better eating habits, with better self-care habits and more physical movement.

  • 300 AED
    1 session

After the consultation you will understand the needs of your skin and be motivated to put the custom tailored plan for your skin into action.  In this plan you will have guidance on:

    • Types of facial exercises to focus on for your face in specific and perhaps other physical movement to add to improve posture and increase blood flow through the spine.
    • Specific skin care tips to adopt and what products to use
    • DIY face and hair masks tailored for your needs
    • Diet recommendations
    • List of supplements

Get your complimentary guide to a DIY Face Mask, Exfoliation and Nail Oil!