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Private coaching

Mind-Body-Organ Solution

Let’s say you had a traumatic event either at work or in your personal life, whether it was a psycho-boss or an unexpected relationship break-up, or maybe a loss.

You may have let go of that memory, but no matter how long ago it was – your body still holds that memory and the emotion associated with it – in a specific organ tissue. And that organ tissue either dysfunctions or weakens over time, giving you the signals of despair. You attend to it through either traditional or even alternative medicine, and it seems to have worked but it keeps popping up again…and that is because the root cause of the organ tissue was not just your poor lifestyle or poor diet, but the root cause was that event that left the organ tissue with a memory and a negative emotion. Through the Mind-Body-Organ paradigm we address the root cause, identify it in the body and release through various practices. And this is just one part of the Mind-Body-Organ Solution program.

If you hold limiting beliefs, if self-doubt is an old pattern of yours, if you live through negative habits knowing they are negative but you are powerless in the face of them – it is through the Mind-Body-Organ Solution program that we can empower you with tools to break down all of your mental obstacles and live into your true potential.

This is not an ordinary coaching program, this is a way to finally help you address your chronic health issue from a different perspective.

If you are not sure and need some more guidance

book a 30min complementary call with Nigora!

  • 3000 AED
    3 months
  • Mind-Body-Organ Solution
  • Sign Up: AED 3,000
    Duration: 3 months
    Bi-weekly 90 min calls
    Support through WhatsApp between the calls

Note: Once you sign up and pay, you will receive a WhatsApp message from Nigora welcoming you to the program and arranging the date and time of your first call!