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Everybody needs a coach. If a coach needs a coach, then you also need a coach. Nigora is a certified Health & Lifestyle coach, with qualifications from Institute of Integrative Nutrition as well as from Lifestyle Prescriptions University. As a coach, Nigora guides you through your health concerns, your emotional trauma and your blockages with ease, love and a lot of expertise. If you are struggling to understand your physical body and its needs, if you feel stuck in your emotions and self-doubt is a common habit – get a coach to help you find the body-mind balance, allowing the inner power to shine through. Remember, you don’t need to do this alone.

If you are looking for a soft, sweet, push-over coach, Nigora ain’t one. “I give my everything to my clients, and I expect the same from them. I am understanding when I need to be, but I am also very encouraging, slightly strict and hold my clients accountable – so that the program we go through gives them the best results possible. Of course we have a lot of fun on the way, and considering you learn some of the most amazing life lessons and tools, and will have some of the deepest realisations – this will be the best investment in your health.”

Available Programs


Holistic Wellness Program

Focus: Diet, Lifestyle, Exercise, Healthy Routine


Detox & Restore Program

Focus: Diet, Lifestyle, Exercise, Healthy Routine


Mind-Body-Organ Solution

3 months
Focus: Chronic health issues, Past trauma/losses, unresolved emotions, limiting beliefs

“Wake Up”

Order a copy of Nigora’s book!

“Wake Up” – is an awesome read where Nigora shares her personal experience as well as provides you the essential 5-week protocols to change and transformation. Includes breathing and yogic exercises, meditation tips and recipes! Available on Amazon as well as The Dreamwork Collective website (the publisher).