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What is Eat The Sun Kitchen?

The first and foremost philosophy of Eat The Sun is to eat foods grown by the sunlight – ingredients that have been perfectly designed by nature to nourish you and sustain you. Of course, today there are so many temptations to go sideways and against the body’s natural needs – and this is why Eat The Sun Kitchen will do its absolute best to fulfil the void and to replenish you with ideas and skills on how to make healthy, tasty and easy meals. 

It is a platform that will host a variety of amazing plant based chefs from who you can learn, grow and fall in love with food all over again! 

Whether that is sourdough bread, healthy cakes, plant-based cheese, fermented foods, Asian food – we got you covered. We will be constantly growing our offering and look forward to having you on board with us! 

When you eat healthy and clean, your digestive system works well, your energy is good, your sleep is deep, your skin is clear and the list of physiological benefits can go on. But above all, you feel deeply connected to your source, nature and our mighty SUN!



Healthy eating is the foundation of a happy fulfilling life. Our courses are all “strictly” healthy avoiding animal protein, processed sugar, dairy and other unnatural ingredients.



Did you know that something can be very healthy and TASTY all at the same time? We guarantee that your taste buds will be on FIRE! That is if you follow all of our steps….



All you have to do is watch the videos, follow the guidelines, download the worksheets and use the dedicated groups for further support!


The Chef within

Perhaps you think you can’t cook or bake and the kitchen is not your forte, what if we told you that it is not true?

And deep within you hides that awesome chef who hasn’t had a chance to shine yet!

We receive photos from our students with their amazing work, they have found their “Chef” within and there is nothing better than to surprise your family and friends with your newly attained skills!

The Chef within
The Chef within
Who is this for?

For absolutely anyone. As long as there is a will, a kitchen and a few basic appliances you are good to go!

What if I have questions during the process?

You can either ask them within the platform or in the private FB group created for the Sourdough course only.

Why fermented foods are good?

Fermented foods carry a huge number of varied bacteria for your gut. Instead of taking expensive probiotics, try eating probiotics instead in the form of fermented foods, sourdough bread, miso paste and so on.

A variety of bacteria is important to keep your digestive system healthy and that will have a positive impact on your skin, mood and overall health.

I also have something I want to teach the world how to cook/bake.

Oh how exciting! Get in touch with Nigora at nigora@eatthesunglobal.com and send your idea of what you want to present.

We are open to all creative ways in enhancing the health of our body as well as satisfying our taste buds! And most of all we will love to record your skill and share with the world!

ETS Kitchen Programs


01 Sourdough Bread

25 videos, Step-by step guide to grow your own starter, Starter discard recipes, private FB group for support


02 Gut Friendly Foods (Kimchi, Sauerkraut, Bone Broth)

3 videos, 3 recipes and a whole bunch gut friendly bacteria!


03 Healthy Cakes – COMING SOON

You will be able to eat these absolutely guilt free! Bring them to a party and have everyone’s heart stolen!


What are you in the mood of learning?

Offered at super awesome prices, you could pick one or two and start injecting your kitchen with some Eat the Sun loving!

  • 199 AED
    12 months access
  • Sourdough Bread
    • 25 videos
    • Support Worksheets/Recipe
    • Private FB Group
  • 45 AED
    6 months access
  • Gut Friendly Foods:
    • 3 videos
    • Support Worksheets/Recipes
  • - AED

“Once you realize

that you create the experience of your ENTIRE LIFE

by what you eat, you will TRANSFORM.”