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What We Do

An educational platform for online courses

EAT THE SUN to illuminate from within

Eat The Sun Global FZE LLC, founded by Nigora Normatova in April 2020, is an online platform to provide educational courses to the public. The purpose of the company is to educate people how to live a natural lifestyle with better eating habits, with better self-care habits and more physical movement.

The message is in the name.

Eat The Sun represents the following ideas and philosophies:


Eat The Sun by eating more foods grown by the sunlight


Eat The Sun by spending more active time outside


Eat The Sun by nurturing your inner world, fulfilling your purpose and finding your inner peace


Eat The Sun and live life dictated by nature

Transform your life to better.

Eat The Sun Projects

Keeping all of the ideas in place, the online portal provides with various courses that encourage, educate and support people to trigger new habits, bring them closer to nature and to a deeper balance within.

One of the main projects under Eat The Sun Global – is Eat The Sun Beauty – an online platform providing courses to learn and practice facial exercises, facial self-massage techniques, tips on skincare routine and products.

Eat The Sun Lifestyle portal is another project through which the public can learn various lifestyle habits that will benefit their physical and emotional health. It offers online courses as well as private online consultations.

Eat The Sun Global looks forward to setting up more projects and launching more online courses which will transform the lives of many.