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Eat the Sun Global


Eat The Sun Global FZE LLC, founded by Nigora Normatova in April 2020, is an online platform to provide educational courses to the public.

The purpose of the company is to educate people how to live a natural lifestyle with better eating habits, with better self-care habits and more physical movement.

Our beauty programs



Have you ever wanted to bake sourdough bread or make plant-based fermented cheese or your own kimchi and sauerkraut? Well you have come to the right place as we will offer online courses and recipe e-books to help you bring healthy & delicious “dream-meals” to life.


Whether it is a HIIT workout, Kundalini Yoga program, a Hatha class or a session to simply move, we are here for you. To move is to be alive. Online courses and programs to help you activate and ignite from within. Coming soon.


Eat The Sun

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    What they say

    The Face Culture Studio program is an eye opener. We have this misconceptions that spending ltos of money on cosmetics and intervention will help us look younger and healthier, but we couldn’t be more wrong. Face Culture Studio helps you to take ownership of your face wellness using the most natural and to all accessible techniques.

    Bianca Dubai

    Many weight loss program only focus on changing your eating habits, but “Eat The Sun” and its Health Coaching program gives you the knowledge on how to adapt lifestyle changes on all levels: eating, breathing, stress management and sleep. It helps you adjust everything simultaneously to achieve maximum results.

    Layla Cairo

    If I could sum up my experience with Eat The Sun in two words, it would be life changing. Literally. Since the strat of my health Coaching journey, my energy levels have changes, I feel empowered with my diet as I don’t crave unhealthy foods or drinks. I am more active than I used to be and a lot happier overall.

    Mary Dubai